Tourist Places


Bandu Shivling

Category Religious

About half a kilometer south-west of Bandu village, south of Rohtas hill, a Shivling is established on a platform built…


Gurudwara Chacha Phagumal

Category Religious

The ninth Nanak of the Sikh sect, Shri Guruteg Bahadur Ji Maharaj, along with his wife Mata Gujari Devi, in…


Gurudwara Taksal Sanghat

Category Religious

When Shri Guruteg Bahadur Ji Maharaj was going to uncle Fagumal’s house in Sasaram, his horse got stuck at one…


Gupta Dham

Category Religious

It is a natural cave situated in a valley of Kaimur hill. A small rock made of lime deposits in…


Megalithic tombs

Category Historic, Religious

For the first time, archaeological exploration of megalithic or megalithic cultural sites has taken place in Kaimur hill of Rohtas…


Rock Painting / Petroglyph / Inscription

Category Historic

Rock Painting of Barhamsiya Maan At one place in Sasaram’s Barahmasiya rock shelter, rock paintings have been made in red…


Dhoop Ghadi

Category Historic

British made this clock and established at Anicut Road, Dehri in 1871. This is the only clock that shows the…


Chaurasan Temple

Category Historic, Religious

Located near Rohtasgarh fort, takes around 2 hrs from Rohtas block headquarter to reach this beautiful ancient temple. It takes…


Karamchat Dam

Category Natural / Scenic beauty

One of the most preferred tourist sites in Rohtas district, located near Chenari, is around 35 kms from Sasaram. The…


Dhuwan Kund

Category Natural / Scenic beauty

Dhuwan Kund is situated on Kaimur Hill, around 15 km from Sasaram. It is a beautiful attraction amidst the green…